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Whitby Wedding Limo Services offers its customer the most exclusive and stylish packages. Located towards the east of Toronto, Whitby is not a very large town, and has a combination of urban and rural people. Whitby is situated in northern part of Lake Ontario.

There is a huge 50 acre centre called Iroquois Park Sports Centre. This recreation centre is the largest in the whole of Canada, owned and operated by municipal authorities and a reason of pride for Whitby. Every town has its own marker or a landmark, this town has Trafalgar Castle School constructed somewhere in 1859-1862. Its architecture is like Elizabethan buildings.

There are enough sites where a tourist or a visitor can visit and here is where Wedding Whitby Limos come into picture. We also operate in many other cities in Canada Toronto, Hamilton, and Brampton etc. We offer round the clock service for all the events both corporate and personal.

When a visitor visits Whitby there can be number of reasons and our Limousines are different for every different occasion. The reasons can be right from a sport even, sight-seeing, anniversaries, wine-tours, weddings etc. Each limousine offered by First Class Limo Service has a definite purpose and worth. Let us discuss types of limos and its uses.

Stretch limousine

There are people who have style and need style in their day to day activities. Limousines are a perfect style statement one can make.

Those visitors who want to roam around the whole town in style can hire the Stretch Limousines. This stretch limousine has a capacity of 10-14 people suitable for a large group of people who want to travel the whole town thus having fun and also saving the cost of hiring more than two taxis. This makes your trip more affordable and also stylish.

Stretch limos not only are used for sight-seeing but also for group parties. These Limos are very graceful and the coaches are superior quality with leather in black or white colours.

Sedan limousines

We Whitby Wedding Limos not only take care of your wedding services and personal visitors but also corporate clients too. These executives who want to have a long lasting impression on their prospective clients in the business can rent many types of sedan limos.

The kinds of sedan limos are black Cadillac Escalade and Hummer H3 limos. These both limos are extremely modish and come in executive colour namely black. Another type of Sedan limo which is targeted to the executive class is 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. It is both stylish and comfortable.

Wedding Limo Services Whitby

Another section of customers are exclusively for wedding purposes. Here a 10 seated Lincoln Fantasy is ideal. For such pompous occasions like weddings or prom party this limousine is best suited. It has a long lasting feeling on the bride as well as the guests.

The design is SUV limos and a client is sure shot impressed by its services. Lincoln Navigator gives unmatched service to its customers and has a double 15 flat screen with mirror ceilings and not to forget the leather coaches.

Another kind is Ford Excursion which is a lot better and can accommodate 14 passengers for a whole night out.

Coach Limousines

First Class Limo Service has a wide range of party limousines. These coach limousines are fully loaded with the latest CD/DVD, TV, bar, which is a must for any party goers. These particular limos have a full bathroom so one can also dress up in the vehicle itself.

A group can start the party in this coach limo itself. It is huge and has a capacity of not less than 30 people enabling large party groups to have a blast and is certain that they can get the best possible services. It is so lavish and comfortable that a person is bound to enjoy.

Whitby wedding limo services being the best of our Limo services would be your best choice for a wedding party or social event in Whitby. We have a wide range of limousines to offer for each and every occasion. Travelling in limousine is luxurious and stylish.

For a long distance travel these limousines are well equipped with lots of CD/DVD. These have fibre optic lights, light shows. So a comfortable and fully entertainment is assured. Reservations in any new premium hotel, restaurant or a club the service is offered.


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